Lack of personnel has to be compensated by mechanical hands

Holding the camera is the mean reason why we use robots


The use of robots is twofold

  • Holding the camera is often very tiring when we have to perform long operations, ie microsurgery or long endometriosis operations. The camera is the eye of the surgeon and the hand holding the camera has to be very stable not to get everybody "sea sick" when performing such interventions. A robot that has the capacity to move the sight up and down and lateraly is ideal in such cicumstances. Their con is that most of them are cumbersome at this moment in time and require a learning curve.
  • More sophisticated robots just replace the surgeon at the site of the operation and are therefor ideal for difficult operations where an expert surgeon can operate on a patient at a distance of even a thousand kilometers, so to speak. The results are very good in terms of outcome. The centre has close links to the department of Professor Michel Degueldre at Chu St Pierre ULB (Free University of Brussels). Trainees often visit his centre to have an idea of the possibilities of these new techniques.

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